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General rules

Post by paige weaver on Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:46 pm

Rules are to be followed on this site at all times. If you do not like one of the rules you have two options: send me a msg with a good reason to delete said rule and I might, or flat out leave this site.

1. Role playing is the main activity on this site. However you can, if you don't want to RP, you may chat with us if you like.
1.1) You are only able to post with characters already approved. This means that if you have a character in the New Characters area, but none who have already been approved, you must wait until that character has been approved before posting in any RP threads.

2. Sex and other things in that nature are not to be Rped at all. You may fade to black if you wish, but NSFW stuff is not allowed for legal reasons.

3. No god modding if you do I will take your fingers.
3.1) No controlling other player's character's without their permission.

4. For the love of god no advertising your forums unless you run them by me then, I may allow it.

5. No Mary Sues. Characters must be relatively balanced.

6. Your character can die. They are not immortal. They cannot come back to life.

7. When making a character follow our template!!!! If you do not I will not approve any of your characters

8. Any and all chat forums we open up like irc or the Skype group call are to remain under XXX rating and no one can talk about the spoilers about new show/game/movie unless every one in the chat has watched it!

9. Have fun.

10. No self approval at all! (mods/admins need approval from me not other mods or admins in less i say other wise.)

11. I may and by I, I mean any admins may change the rules at any time.

12. If you have a problem with one of the members or staff msg me i will handle it under no reason should a staff bully any one i will not let that happen at all.

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