Character rules and sheet.

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Character rules and sheet.

Post by paige weaver on Fri Apr 10, 2015 10:50 pm

1:you most follow the character template we have it can be found in the new character section please copy and past it to a blank doc and follow it from there.

2:No mary sue's allowed on this site at all! your character is not a god and we don't need one so if they lose a leg its gone for good.

3: after your character is approved go to the thread called my character thread and post it under your comment with your list of characters make sure to add a link if this is your first character make a thread for your characters when one is approved in my characters section of the forum.

4: You may have as many characters as you like but make sure to post each one in the my character section please.

5: You may only be in control of one element per character.

6: You may choose any race from any myth.

7: Your familiar Can be any none over powered mythical creature. Examples of over powered are but not limited to Leviathan/titans/high class demons/gods/demi gods

character sheet.





[b][u]Call Sign/Symbol:[/u][/b]








[b][u]Element type:[/u][/b]


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